नयाँ बर्षको शुभकामना | Happy New Year

Today 13th of April, 2020, Nepal enters the new year 2077 B.S. Yes, you got it right, Nepali new year is ahead of the common era. Bikram Sambat Calendar, the official calendar of Nepal, is approximately 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar AD. The Bikram Sambat calendar is said to be established by an Indian Emporer Vikramaditya. The calendar era began after the ninth century in 57 BCE. In 1901 AD(1958 BS), it was made the official Hindu calendar by the Rana dynasty of Nepal. All the holidays and festivals of Nepal are celebrated using this calendar. Being a multiethnic country, the Nepali calendar has managed to mark all the important days for everyone in Nepal.

Nepal is a small landlocked country, but people here speak 123 different languages and follow around 10 religions as given by the 2011 census data. It also shows there are around 125 ethnic groups in Nepal. Around 81.3% of people follow Hinduism and 44.6% speak Nepali language as their first language. Despite belonging to different culture and having multiple New Years, all the Nepalese celebrate National New Year wholeheartedly with fun and joy. Cooking varieties of food, family gatherings, playing cards, jatras, etc are some of the ways to celebrate New Year’s Day. I remember enjoying goat’s meat in every New Year’s Day while I was small(though I’m a vegetarian now). It is said that if we do good things and remain happy in the New Year’s day, we will be happy in the following days of the year as well.

The new year and the new day brings new excitement and joy. Forgetting regrets and forgiving people can help to achieve inner peace. Spending the day with family is very important. Celebrate the New Year’s Day with the positivity and all the happiness.

Happy New year again! Cheers!

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