About Me

After moving to New Zealand on 26th December 2019, I had a break from my daily routine. I loved the idea of staying at home all the time. I used to cook, eat, sleep, do cleaning and watch movies/series. Besides that, I also traveled and explored the places in New Zealand. When the world was affected by COVID-19, almost every country went on lockdown including NZ. We could not go outside of our house except for essential work. Now, the idea of staying at home and not working got boring as I had already spent 3 months doing so. Here comes the idea to update my personal website which I procrastinated for a while now.

Hi, I am Asmita Bista from Nepal. I love traveling, hiking and doing adventurous activities. I’ve done Bungy jump, rafting, paragliding, and canyoning. I wish to do skydiving and scuba diving. I love cooking and serving food. I love doing DIY stuffs. I love writing poems in Nepali. The poems and other writings can be found under the scribbles page. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. I have worked in two different companies in Nepal in the data engineering field. I’ve always believed in positivity and I aspire to become a good human being.

Always Hope for the Best.