How do I start? Well, this question has an important place in my heart. Finding an answer to this question is not always easy. I must admit I have been thinking about the continuity of my writing for some time now, but still, the question revolves around my head, how do I start? I believe I have started already.

I was never attracted to writing. I wanted to become a psychiatrist and also a lawyer sometimes. I was never in love with computers, but now I’m a data engineer. I love numbers. I love playing with data. I love solving issues, maybe that is the reason I wanted to become a lawyer in the first place. I always wanted to win. I believe I still do. But I was never in the race. I somehow escaped the line of race. I wanted to speak my heart out loud but was never in the front line where anyone could hear. I wanted to be heard, wanted to become something that won’t be overlooked easily.

I had a strong opinion since the very beginning. Many didn’t like it, but I never cared. I had differences with my friends due to differences of opinion. They believed in something else which I would never agree on and therefore I would try to convince them. It was said that I have very good convincing power. Maybe I was growing as a good manipulator. I knew what to say in which situation so that they would agree. I never had the intention of controlling, I thought I was just taking good care.

As is difficult to start, I believe it’s more difficult to conclude. Whenever I write something, I find it hard to finish it off. I keep on thinking about how do I end. I never have good endings. Maybe I don’t want to end!

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