Strangled with the strongest chains around the body
I’m burning inside and burning bridges outside – I cannot see a single way
Help me if you can, free me if you can, to let go of this fear
Not done just exhausted, drained and depressed, oh! Can you hear?

Brain is occupied with regrets, won’t respond to any sensors
Not hard to forget, yet cannot let go of the memories
Dear mother, how much I miss you, I cannot say
If only you were here to listen to every little thing I convey

Friends, oh I’ve seen them come, attach and walk away
Not one nor two, neither three; too many
Is it just me or my anxiety? Alas, it kills me inside
Did I look like a fool, keeping everything else besides?

Love, my love, your portrayal felt so genuine and true
Why don’t you come again and show me the ‘real’ you?
How we planned things, I thought our ‘together forever’ was obvious
But for you it was a game; my love was pious

How I wish,
Everything would be just fine and beautiful;
Shouldering away the bad memories,
I’d again be happy and joyful;
I wish the wish to come true if only God wishes
If only God wishes…
Cage breaks, Chains untangle and Love flourishes.

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